GSO Test

School Council Achievements

2012 TO 2017


  • Campaigned for changes and an increase in the number and variety of After School Clubs.
  • Budgeted, selected and ordered new playground equipment.
  • Visited the Mayor of Lewisham.
  • Decided on which charities to support for the current year.
  • Introduced a School Council suggestions box in each class.
  • Took part in a Research Foundation Focus Group earning £200 for the school.
  • Gave creative input into the design of a new playground.


  • Visited the Mayor of Lewisham.
  • Helped raise £941 for charity and £6 021 for our school.
  • Attended the WE festival (to encourage volunteering) at Wembley Park.
  • Sang songs to the Nursery.
  • Helped make the Forest School DVD to enable the school to get more funding to restock supplies and to expand this activity into other local schools.
  • Raised £100 being interviewed by researchers from Children in Need.
  • Wrote thank you letters to donors after the Summer Fair.
  • Took part in learning walks around the school to asses reading and writing


  • Raised money for the ebola crisis in Sierra Leone by hosting a talent show.
  • Advertised and raised £405 for Children in Need in a Colourful Dress Up day and cake sale.
  • Gave input into the Lewisham Council ant-bullying policy document.
  • Took part in the WHY festival (human rights awareness) and made a peace mosaic of hand prints. This is on display on the office window.
  • Hosted a Woolly Hat Day to raise awareness of the destitute and £230 for the homeless charity St Mungo's.   
  • Visited the Council Chambers in Catford for an informal discussion on how the council works with Lewisham's Young Mayor.
  • Requested a fundraising monitor to be displayed so that everyone knows how much has been raised and how much still needs to be raised.


  • Elected two new Road Safety officers.
  • Met with the school catering company to redesign school dinners and menu.
  • Took part in a new rubbish campaign to raise awareness of the environment and to prevent litter.
  • Raised £232 for the Philippines Disaster relief fund.
  • Held a Mad Hair day for diabetes.
  • Held a Mufti (own clothes) day to raise money for the Philippine’s disaster.
  • Selected and ordered new playground equipment.
  • Raised money for school events by selling unmarked lost property.
  • Four representatives visited the Mayor of Lewisham in the council chambers.
  • Campaigned for improved litter control (fruit to be kept in a container in the playground).


  • Helped in the content and layout of the school web page.
  • Gave input to the school travel plan.
  • Gave input to the Northbrook Park Community group for additional equipment for Northbrook Park.
  • Raised £134 in a raffle for UNICEF to help the homeless children in Syria.
  • Held lost property and toy sales to raise money for the school.
  • Initiated the upgrading of school toilets.
  • Made and put up posters in the toilets to encourage correct usage.
  • Requested and had approved more school clubs.
  • Campaigned for more varied and challenging activities at Sport’s Day.
  • Selected and ordered more playground equipment.