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Home learning

At Baring we believe that the majority of home learning should be reading daily at home with support and encouragement from an adult.

Baring Home Learning Sacks have been developed to include cross curricular activity packs for Nursery, Reception and Year 1.

From Year 3 onwards children will be expected to practice a particular table/part of a table each week. Teachers in Key Stage 2 (years 3-6) may also send home spellings for the children to learn, plus other tasks to support learning.

Whole School Holiday tasks will be set at the end of the Summer Term by the Headteacher. Other holiday tasks may be set by teachers as required.

Parents will be given information about home learning tasks which will support the curriculum and children’s learning will be via letters home and informal meeting and also through Family Learning activities, Open Evenings and Curriculum Workshops.

Government Advice is that children should spend the following amount of time doing home learning:

Years 1 and 2: 1 hour per week (reading and home-pack or spelling)

Years 3 and 4: 1.5 hours per week (reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation, times tables and occasionally some topic related work)

Years 5 and 6: 30 minutes per day/ 2.5hours per week (reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation, times tables and topic work)


Supporitng your child's learning in Mathematics
Want to have some ideas on how help your child's learning in Mathematics?

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