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Behaviour Contract

We use a behaviour contract with children in our school.

Each class create their own set of rules at the beginning of each academic year.

The contract below is used by all staff in the school.

You can download a copy here.

Behaviour Contract for Years 1 - 6


Refusing to follow instructions from an adult/Disrupting other children –

By the 3rd warning

    1. Send to partner class, with work for a set time (needs to be logged)
      If continues
    1. Lose nearest play time
      If continues
    1. Send to Deputy Head Teacher (DHT).  At end of the session – DHT uses Restorative Justice (RJ) approach
      If continues
    1. ½ day Internal exclusion with DHT

*NOTE* Informing Parent:

  • No need if a one off incident
  • Inform parent/Carer if pattern over a week Inform parent/carer straight away if a serious incident

Lunch Hall - Refusing to follow instructions from an adult/Disrupting other children 

 By the 3rd warning

    1. Move seat
      If continues
    1. Miss lunch time play
      If continues
    1. Miss lunch time play, send to DHT & use RJ
      If continues
    1. Exclusion from lunch hall x3 days and eat lunch in a member of staffs room, miss lunch time play, RJ

*Adult to make clear to the child the steps they are taking* 

Rudeness to an adult (i.e.: move, shut up, don’t touch me etc)

NO Warnings Given – Instant miss play time

Kicking furniture/Throwing things/Unsafe behaviour

 NO Warnings Given – Miss play time, send to DHT & parent informed

Violence or threats of violence towards others (children and adults) /Stealing /Swearing

 Send to Head Teacher