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Year 5: Porpoise Class

Year 5 Team 2019/20: Marie Gray, Teacher; Anne Achour AND JAKATERINA MARTYSOVA TEACHING Assistants


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Class letter

Hi Porpoises, 

I hope you are all keeping well and being helpful to your parents.

Remember to read a book for 20 minutes, learn your times tables and exercise every day.

I know you are all creative so use your imagination to make a model, paint or draw, design a new item of clothing or learn to cook something new.

Have some fun and play a game or do a puzzle.

Here is a useful link to the Abacus home-learning website:

 Tuesday 24th March 2020    XXIV/III/MMXX  

      Hi Porpoises , I hope you are all okay and making the best of this situation we all find ourselves in.

       If you have any concerns or worries about keeping up with the work please email me at Your parents can obviously email me too !! I will check my emails every every day. I am happy to hear from you all. It's very weird for me too!! Just remember everyone is in the same boat. You won't fall behind, or suddenly not be able to do things. Please don't worry!!

We are definitely going to be off for the next few weeks at least, so  PLEASE read every day and make sure you know your Times Tables to 12 off by heart !!! and do any of the activities I put in my first post. Dust off those games you haven't played in a while. I'm keeping a diary myself and think that is a really good idea for you all. Just 10-20 minutes a day (you know how much you can write) It will make an interesting read when this is all over.

I will try to put some activities and websites on here that may help you too. But don't stress if can't print things out (I don't have a printer at home either) Just do your best  .............and read!!

    Keep active and alert-

     Jumpstart Jonny

    Supermovers       Get all your family to join in these.!!


Have a go at the Abacus Maths games and don't forget Sumdog 

  For a reading comprehension - try this activity on First News  

  Hopefully that is enough for today - I will put something up regularly. 

Best wishes to you all and your families

Marie Gray



 Thursday 26th March 2020   XXVI/III/MMXX

Hi Everyone, 

 I hope you are all well and looking after each other. 

There is  some information and links to websites on the Parents' tab (under Home Learning) that you may want to check out. These are to do with Well Being and helping your child to understand more about what is happening with the Corona virus. Why not have a look?

Here's a couple of websites that might be useful to you. You probably already know about them, but just in case.

Keeping fit and healthy  - see the Joe Wicks daily PE Lesson - it's challenging!!  It's on his You Tube channel every morning at 9am. Give it a go!!

Also  why not try listening to a story from Audible.

  In class we watch Newsround everyday and write about an item in the show that we found interesting. Have a go at doing this on a regular basis. Just a paragraph to summarize the main points. 

  Another thing we do in class is the 24 Game. Try this 4 Numbers game to keep up your fast, mental skills honed.

  With extra time on our hands why not plan and cook a meal for everyone (with an adult's help of course). The BBC have some good kid's recipes for you to try. Send me some pictures of what you have made.

  Don't forget to keep reading and learn all your Times Tables off by heart too. 

  Best wishes to you all

Ms Gray


 Tuesday 31st March      XXXI/III/MMXX

Hi Everyone, 

     I hope you are all well and looking after each other. 

As you know we were reading 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurpgo in class just before we had to close. For those of you who were not there in the last week I have put some activities on here to do with being stranded on a desert island. (Those of you who were in already have lots of activities to do in the pack you took home.)

Desert Island

Another excellent website to help you with your maths is this 

Here's a message from Julia Hibberd. 

Dear choir and anybody else who loves to sing! I am missing our weekly choir sessions and thought that you might like to keep up with your singing. So here are some of our warm ups and the songs we are learning that are all on YouTube. Remember music makes us feel happy and relaxed so keep singing. Take care all of you. Julia 



  1. To stop the train

  1. Let's start to sing

  1. Do 're me (from sound of music)


 How far I'll go

 I wish I knew how

 There's a power in the music

 Don't forget to keep active and make the of the dry weather.

Best wishes to you all. Don't forget to email me if you have any questions 

 Marie Gray


Friday 3rd April 2020          III/IV/MMXX

Hi All, today would have been the last day of the Spring Term if we had still been in school.

I would have been wishing you all a lovely break from school and telling you to have a good rest and not to forget to ...... read, read, read!! Well I hope you are all still reading and looking after each other.

As this is your official holiday I will not be putting up any specific work for the next two weeks but invite you to join in the Whole School Project, which is about London. 

You can structure this project in anyway you please. In class we were looking at Maps and learning how to do a sketch map of the United Kingdom. Keep practising this. (Remember the picture of an old man kneeling?)

You really can look at any aspect of London or  the people that live in it for your project. Look at the rivers that run through it? How it is governed? Famous people that come from here? Sportsmen and women that live and compete here? Or what makes London special? Its museums, art galleries and parks? The mix of people that live here and where they have come from? Anything you like. 

You can present this in any way you please too. On paper, as a piece of artwork or in  a Powerpoint presentation. How about making up a song, poem or  a rap? 

If I find any useful websites I'll add them on here. Don't forget to check the Parents Tab and look under Home Learning for more ideas too. 

Look after yourselves. I will still be checking my emails every day so don't hesitate to email me.


Marie Gray

Tuesday 21st April 2020    XX1/1V/MMXX

Hello Porpoises, 

   I hope you are all keeping well and safe and that you enjoyed the Easter Break. It has been good to talk to some of you and hear that you are all doing well. I do miss being in school with you all. Remember, if you have any questions or issues please send me an email at   I look forward to hearing from you. 

  BBC bitesize, which you will be familiar with as  we use it a lot in school has set up some daily lessons.

Feel free to just work your way through them, (just google BBC bitesize and follow the links for KS2 and then Year 5 daily lessons) but I thought it might be helpful for me to choose some for you to focus on. I will put a couple on every Tuesday and Thursday for you to have a look at. Just click on the pictures below.

The first one is about negative numbers. 

  English -  Looking at similes and metaphors


 Science - some revision on the Solar System which you are all experts on!!


Don't forget we also have Abacus that you can work on using your usual log in and password. The school code for this is Bari. There are links to it above and on the Parent Home Learning page. If you are having any problems with this just email me. I can get your log ins for you. 

Remember to get outside as much as you can. I walk through Greenwich Park every day and it is wonderful. Especially in this lovely weather. 

Best wishes to you all. 

Ms Gray


Wednesday 22nd April 2020   XXII/IV/MMXX

Hi Porpoises, 

I know I don't usually put things on our Class Page on Wednesdays, but today is an exception as it is Stephen Lawrence Day. If we had been in school we would have had an assembly about this young man's life and his legacy. Stephen was brought up in Eltham and was killed in a racist attack when he was 18. His family fought tirelessly for justice and have set up a trust in his name. Their message is about inclusion and building bridges within our community. 

On their website you can find out about Stephen's life and have a go at the activities and challenges they set. Let me know how you get on. The message from the foundation is

                     'to live your best life.'  Click on the link below.

Ms Gray-


Thursday 23rd April 2020    XXIII/IV/MMXX

Hi Porpoises, I hope you are all well and making the most of  the lovely sunshine we are enjoying.

As we all enjoyed our topic of The Earth in Space last term and  to follow on from the revision activities I set on Tuesday, I thought it would be interesting for you to find out about a Scientist called Maggie Aderin-Pocock, who is both a Space Scientist and an inventor. 

this is how you get to the activities about her.

  • - open the BPES website:
  • - click on 'Enter a student code' (top right on all pages if you are not logged in)
  • - enter the code below.

 Student code: 89388

 I hope you enjoy finding out about Maggie. 

For Maths let's look at Multiples and Factors. Just click here  



  For English - Have a look at First News and try to answer the comprehension questions that follow. The answers are there for you to check yourself. Click the picture below.

 Remember - keeping happy and healthy is just as important as doing formal school work. If you are happy and healthy you will learn so much better too!!! Try to get outside for some exercise. Make the most of the lovely weather we are having.

Stay Well 

and remember, you can contact me on 


Tuesday 28th April 2020        XXVIII/IV/MMXX

Hi Porpoises, I hope you are all well and not letting the bad weather get you down. Perfect day to get lost in a book?!!  (or week- the forecast does not look good unfortunately!)

This week is DT week. Why not have a go at some of these STEM activities. 

Parents -If you are sending photos of your child and their work to me, please indicate in your email if you would NOT like their photos shown on our website and blog. Many thanks!

 In our first term in Year 5 we did a project on the Ancient Kingdom of Benin.

Click on the map above to find some activities from the Horniman Museum to revise and extend your understanding of how Benin became so powerful and what happened to it. 

For Maths - the BBC bitesize lesson I have chosen for you is about multiplying and dividing by multiples of 10. That really important thing called Place Value! Click on the image to go to the correct page. 

For English - try this activity. 

Don't forget to email me with any questions you may have. I hope you are keeping well and looking after each other.

Best wishes. Ms Gray


Thursday 30th April 2020           XXX/IV/MMXX

Hi Porpoises, I hope you are all well. Hope you are all reading lots ...........and are going over your times tables!!

Some ideas of other things you could do. 

The following Literacy activities are based on the story of Jumanji. You may have seen the films. There are lots of different activities on this link. Enjoy !! 

To go over short and Long multiplication- have a go at this 


Don't forget to use Abacus and Sumdog too- and keep watching Newsround.

Hope you're all well and looking after each other. Don't forget to email me if you have any questions or to tell me what you are up to. 

Best wishes to you all. 

Ms Gray-


PS: Do you like making or designing things?

Then why not have a go at the first every miniature garden competition?

Use your creativity to make a garden or mini landscape on a plate.    Good Luck! 




Tuesday 5th May 2020     IV/V/MMXX

Hi Porpoises, Hope you are all well and looking after each other. 

If we had been in school this week, we would have had assemblies and found out information in class about VE Day. VE Day (Victory in Europe) is this Friday. I've attached some activities that will help you do this. I hope you enjoy them. In the video you find out the main facts about this celebration and also hear an eye witness account from Alan, who was a child at that time.

     There is a powerpoint here from the British Legion too.


We use First News a lot in class to help with our comprehension skills when reading. Have a closer look at the articles in this week's newspaper. 

For Maths - have a go at this Nice or Nasty Place Value Game.

Have a go at revising how to do short division here.


Keep well and safe.

Ms Gray


Thursday 7th May 2020        VII/IV/MMXX

Dear Porpoises,   I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine- at last !!

I know you've all been working hard at home, keeping up with your reading and Times Tables. The staff at school have had some lessons to do as well. One of them was to do with drawing.

I know you love art, so try this activity that Ms Graham gave us to do. 


 It's really important we all keep fit and well during Lockdown. This site is recommended and free to parents while the schools are closed. Why not have a go.

Why not try and measure your heart rate as you exercise and understand more about how your heart works by having a look at this web page. 

  •  open the BPES website:
  • - click on 'Enter a student code' (top right on all pages)
  • - enter the code 32372 

For Maths: Short Division- with remainders this time ! 

When you're out on your daily walk why not try this activity called  Neighbourly Additions.

For English: Find out all about the Rhi-swano-zeb-tah while working on your reading and writing skills.


Just remember to keep active and stay positive ! 

Best wishes to you all 

Ms Gray


Tuesday 12th May 2020           XII/V/MMXX

Hi Porpoises, I've spoken to a few of you on the phone and I was lucky enough to actually see Emily, Sophia and Kristof  (on different days) when I was out and about on my walks. SO lovely to catch up on your news and to see how well you are all coping in these difficult times !

  I hope you've all enjoyed the 'Oi Alfred' book and the messages from the staff and PTFA that are on the Home Page. Well, now it's your turn. You should have received a message from the school asking you to pose, sing, dance, ride your bike, jump on your trampoline, just smile or do anything to either of the following songs- 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' or 'Count On Me' and then someone cleverer than me at ICT (Mrs Haine) will put them all together. Follow the instructions you've been sent, or just send it to me at the usual email address and I will pass it on. Good Luck and have fun!

For DT - why not be as creative as you can and Take A Topic  to explore and follow your own interests. Take your time over this. 

For Maths - Here's a reminder of the work we have already looked at in class  on Multiplication using the Grid Method and here's a Factors and Multiples Game for you to have a go with (you need an adult or older sibling to work with on this activity).... and keep working on your times tables. We would have been doing lots of quizzes on them if we had been in class. Remember, you have to know them up to the 12s!! Hit the Button might help you !! 

For English-  In the spring term we read 'Thief' by Malorie Blackman. The activities I have chosen for you to work on today are from another of her books- 'Tell Me No Lies'. It asks you to give your impressions of a character using inference skills. I hope you enjoy it as much as 'Thief!'  Maybe inspire you to read another of her books? I hope you're keeping up the daily reading too? 

Remember, if you have any questions you can email me at the usual address. I check my emails every day 

Look after yourselves Ms Gray


Thursday 14th May 2020     XIV/IV/MMXX

Dear Porpoises, 

     It's been eight weeks since we were in class together. I miss you all! I hope you are all looking after each other. 

You've been working hard on revising your knowledge of multiplication and division and next week we are going to look at fractions again. For today though a quick revision of Perimeter

can be found here. 

 Here's another activity that should help to consolidate your quick fire adding skills. It's called Reach 100.  I hope you enjoy it. We have played lots of games like this in class. Remember not to worry if you don't get the final task finished of finding the four numbers. Just have a go and see if you can get close to 100!

For English I think it would be good to read this and have a go at the comprehension questions that follow. 

 It's important to stay creative so why not get some fun drawing ideas from Rob Biddulph.

The Science Museum is an amazing place to visit. Even though it's closed you can still take part in many scientific activities on it's website. Just follow what interests you- and enjoy!

Have a lovely weekend. Hopefully the sun will come out !! Remember to keep safe and email me anytime!

 Ms Gray 


Tuesday 19th May 2020      XIX/V/MMXX

Dear Porpoises,   I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and getting outdoors as much as you can!! Here's a booklet from Millwall football club with some ideas on keeping active. It's called The Joy of Moving. It has some great ideas and activities in it ! Have a look!

For English - One Chance by Dean Thompson has lots of reading writing activities for you to try. It asks 'If you had one wish, what would it be?'

For Maths -as promised- we're going to do a little revision on Fractions.

I've attached some videos that you can watch over the next week, just to remind yourselves of some of the work on fractions we have already done in Year 5 Fraction Videos. The link will take you to 20 videos! Don't panic!!  You can do as many as you like, if you love fractions like I do - but I want you to just look at the first four. Remember, this is revision. It's better to watch just one of the videos and really understand what the teacher is saying than rush through them all !! They give you little activities to do as you watch. The videos are not too long either.

There is a lot of content in the work I have given you today. Just take your time!!  And don't forget how important it is to get out into the sunshine!! 

Look after yourselves

Ms Gray


Thursday 21/5/20     XX1/V/MMXX

HI Porpoises, I hope you are all well.

We've been looking at Fractions. These activities from Bitesize should help to reinforce all that we have been revising. 

Equivalent Fractions

Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers

Compare and order fractions whose denominators are multiples of the same number 

You will now be so much more confident with fractions. We'll move onto calculating with them after Half Term.

For English- this edition of First News is all about Space - I hope you enjoy it.




When we were back in class we looked at the Science Topic of Living Things and their habitats. You did a lot of work on this at Forest School. Try these activities on this topic as revision

  • - open the BPES website:
  • - click on 'Enter a student code' (top right on all pages if you are not logged in)
  • - enter the code below.


Student code: 49166


 It's Half Term next week so I won't be posting any work. The forecast is for clear, sunny weather so get outside as much as you can and keep active. (But keep reading!!)

I'll still be checking my emails so if you have any questions or problems please email me.

Have a good Half Term - and hopefully see you all in the not too distant future

Ms Gray 


Tuesday 2/6/20       II/VI/MMXX

Hi Porpoises, I hope you had a lovely Half Term Break and are making the most of the sunshine. 

Just a reminder of some of the activities that you can work through at your own pace. These are already on this page up above - but as the weeks go by they can get lost.


Fraction Videos 

These fraction videos are good for you to work through by yourselves - slowly and carefully. Take your time and enjoy the activities.

We're going to look at adding and subtracting Fractions now. So if you're feeling confident have a go at these Bitesize activities.

Adding and subtracting Fractions where the total is within 1.


This week's First News will help with your comprehension skills. I hope you are all keeping up your independent reading too!


In this lovely weather we're all out and about more. To keep safe on the roads - have a go at these puzzles from TFL.

Road Safety 

i'm sure all our Computing skills have improved since Lockdown was introduced. Mine definitely have! Have a go at this activity from Bitesize What makes a Good Computer Game?

Look after yourselves, and each other

Best wishes

Ms Gray 


Thursday 4th June 2020         IV/VI/MMXX

Hi Porpoises, 

  I hope you're all well and keeping active.

Here's some activities to keep you going. Don't forget to 'read, read,read!!' and go over and over your Times Tables. 

For Maths- we are looking at adding fractions. (Don't forget the videos above if you found these helpful.)

Add two fractions where the answer could be more than one.

Then have a go at this Maths Challenge about Consecutive Numbers.

For English - The Cloud Swing. It's a story set in Italy and tells you about a girl's experience of Lockdown. It has some activities for you to do yourselves as well.

For Science - some revision of Life Cycles. The topic we looked at in the Autumn Term.

Life Cycles.

Best wishes to you all. 

Ms Gray


Tuesday 9th June 2020     IX/VI/MMXX

Hi Porpoises, I hope you are all doing well.

Maths. We are still looking at Fractions.

Adding Two Mixed Numbers 

Have a go at these Challenges too. I hope you enjoy them.

 There's been a lot in the news over the last week about Black Lives Matter.

Watch this video from Newsround

Have a look at this poster and then try the activities that follow.


Read about American Author Shola Richards here. What can it teach us about the effects of racism on his daily life? There are more activities and things to think about here.  


It is now nearly 12 weeks since we have been in school together. It would be good if you could spend some time reflecting on what the Lockdown has been like for you.

These activities are from an amazing charity in Deptford called Heart and Soul. They are researching the effects of the lockdown on different people. You are welcome to send your ideas to them but that is not required. 

Keep well everyone. 

Ms Gray


Thursday 11th June 2020       XI/VI/MMXX

Hi Porpoises, I hope you are all well. Hopefully the rainy weather will change soon and we can all get outside and enjoy the sunshine again. 

For Maths we are still focusing on Fractions, but looking at how to subtract them.

Subtract 2 mixed Numbers

For a challenge- try this 100 square with a difference - Coded 100 Square.

For English- We've looked at lots of stories from published authors- now it's your turn to have a go at planning and writing your own story. Planning and Writing a Story 

    Scientists - Marie Curie  A Physicist and Chemist. Find out all about her life and achievements here.

  • - open the bpES website:
  • - click on 'Enter a student code' (top right on all pages if you are not logged in)
  • - enter the code below.


Student code: 63598


Best wishes to you all

Ms Gray


Tuesday 16th June 2020   XVI/IV/MMXX

Hi Porpoises, I hope you are all keeping well.

For Maths we are continuing to look at Fractions and how to multiply them.

Multiply unit and non-unit fractions Make sure you take your time with this and watch the video carefully.

we've been looking at Fractions for a while now so I thought we'd have a challenge with a difference. Folding flowers is all about shape.


This Week's First News is looking at Racism around the world. Have a go at the comprehension questions that follow.

First News - this week's edition  

This is really good for you all to read and hopefully enjoy. There is a news and picture quiz  all about the articles in this week's newspaper and a crossword to try too. We haven't done any crosswords in class. Have a go -you might like them. They're a good way to get your brain going too!

Keep looking after each other. Remember to read, read, read too!!! And don't forget those Times Tables.

Ms Gray




Student code: 12672


 Best wishes to you all. 

Ms Gray












Want to know more about the teaching of numeracy?

 These videos are for parents to see some of the things that we do in class. You will need your child's log in details to view the videos. 

 Here's a link to the Oxford Owl website, which is full of FREE e-books for you to read at home.

You'll need to enter our username and password,

Username: Baring5

Password: Pandas

You can read the books with an orange 'e' on them

Fed up wasting time doing Internet searches?

Try using the advanced search within Google, if you type in the exact words you are looking for it will give you fewer pages to scroll through! Try this link, to find it yourself on the google page scroll down to find the 'settings' and then choose advanced search.