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Year 4: Rhino Class

Year 4 Team 2019/20:

Sandra Escayg, Teacher;

Georgina McCue and Jessica Jones Teaching Assistants

Find out about the work of the World Wildlife Fund and how it helps Rhinos


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Monday 13th July 2020


Hi Rhino Class and Parents,


This is the last of our learning from home activities before the summer holidays

begin next week. I would just like to say how much I enjoyed teaching you all, over

the past year, even though our time was cut short!

 You are a wonderful group of children and I expect to hear great things about you from

Miss Grey in Year Five, next term.

I hope you all have a wonderful, fun filled and relaxing summer in the sunshine (hopefully)!


Summer Reading Challenge from The Reading Agency













Mrs Escayg



 Monday 6th July 2020


Hi Rhino Class and Parents,


I hope you all had a relaxing weekend.

Our work this week includes:


First News Newspaper plus activities.






 Multiplication and Division Games














Please remember to do your daily reading and learn all your times tables!

Be Kind.

Have a great week!

Mrs Escayg




Tuesday 30th June 2020   


Hi Rhinos and Parents,


I hope you are having a good week. We had a bit of a technical glitch on the website last week,

so apologies for that. Now, we are up and rolling this week with a mini project called 

'Let's Build! Homes and Structures'





Maths and Literacy Activity Booklet as well as Answer Booklet (Phew!).




The booklet can be used  by your child throughout this period of time. Just to remind you that

BBC Bitesize has daily lessons to support your child with Maths,

English and more, learning.





                       This is a great activity for children to reflect on life during lockdown.



                       Handwriting and spelling activities



                     Maths Challenge



Keep reading and have a fun filled week. Be safe, kind and helpful to others.

                         Mrs Escayg





 Tuesday 16th June 2020


Hi Rhino Class and Parents,


Congratulations to you all, for keeping up with the work so far, despite any obstacles!

This week we are going to be thinking about pocket money. 'Picture News' has many resources

that you can use to discuss this topic.










Reading Activity- Talk about a book you are reading to an adult, using a book spinner.




Maths Activities







Writing Activity



Have a great week!

Mrs Escayg




Tuesday 9th June 2020


Hi Rhino Class an Parents,


I hope that you are all doing well. The sunshine may be over for now, but I'm sure we 

will enjoy brighter days again soon!

Over the past week, there has been a lot of news about 'Black Lives Matter' but what

does this all mean?  This week Newsround, First News and Picture News all have information to help you to understand these issues.














Maths Activities



 BBC Bitesize - Dividing by 10


Keep on being kind and helpful at home.


Mrs Escayg 





Monday 1st June 2020


Hi Rhino Class and Parents,

I do hope that you enjoyed a good half term break in the sunshine.

In order to inspire you this week we have the story of British scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock.







First News newspaper and quiz activities.





Math  Fractions Lesson 1  and activities.




Keep positive, be creative, remember to exercise and read every day. 


Have fun!


 Mrs Escayg









Friday 22nd June 2020


Hi Rhino Class and Parents

I hope that you are all doing well.

As you know, next week is half term and with this in mind your activities are all to do with

well-being and having fun!


I would like to wish Eid Mubarak! to all our families who will be celebrating Eid.


Joy of Movement is designed for families to have an afternoon of fun, games and activities.




Let's Perform! is full of cross-curricular activities for the holiday.




Do have some fun in the sun (hopefully)!


Mrs Escayg









Monday 18th May 2020


Hi Rhino Class and Parents


I do hope that you are all well and able to make the most of the sunshine.

How did you all get on with your  'Take A Topics' last week?


This week I have included:  Mystery Science Activity

Ice-Cream Scoops Investigation (Maths)

 Picture News Reading Activities. 















Mrs Escayg













Monday 11th May 2020


Hi Rhino Class and Parents


I hope you were able to enjoy the Bank holiday weekend.


This week's learning from home is called 'Take A Topic'.

Think of a topic that you either know lots about or one you would like to learn about.

Your topic could be about anything! Then you can use ideas from the poster below to present your topic to family and friends.



Maths games and challenges from nrich ( are also included. 






Have Fun!


Mrs Escayg







 Monday 4th May 2020

Hi Rhino Class and Parents

As you may know, this Friday (8th May) is Bank holiday to celebrate VE Day.

With this in mind, learning from home this week includes VE Day resources to explain the background of Why, How and Who we remember on VE Day. There are many talking points

for discussion as well as creative activities. 









Also included are some maths games to play with family members.






Do have fun!

Mrs Escayg



Thursday 30th April 2020

Hi Rhinos,

How are you all getting on with this week's Design and Technology Project?

For all you creatives out there, we have found an activity that we think you might enjoy.

It's called - Plot on a Plate





Mrs Escayg



Monday 27th April 2020

Hi Rhino Class and Parents,

I hope all is going well and that you have been able to make the most of the sunshine,

whether stuck at home or during your daily exercise regime. 


This week is - Design and Technology Week

With that in mind, I have attached a file called- Starters for STEM. It comprises of ten activities that the children can complete, over the course of the next two weeks. These activities are designed to develop children's skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The children can take photos of their work to share with school.

PLEASE IGNORE  where it says 'share on social media'.









I know that many of you have been able to establish daily routines with your children, even though it doesn't always go to plan! That's Life!!

I have attached an example of a daily family timetable that can be adapted to suit your family circumstances.

I would also like to remind you of the website:

This website is free and has some great daily activities for children.


Best Wishes to you all.


Mrs Escayg






Hi Rhino Class

Today is Stephen Lawrence Day.

We have learnt about him over the past few years. To celebrate his life, we have

Found two activities you might like to do.






Have fun!





Hi Rhino Class and Parents,

Welcome back!

I hope you were all able to have a break for Easter.

Well done to all of you who did some finding out about London for our Easter Project.

This week we are thinking about- Journeys. The links below (highlighted in blue) contains reading, thinking and writing resources on this topic. I have also included a prompt sheet which you might find useful when reading with your child.


Another useful website:

     It provides a  free daily timetable of activities including learning, fun cooking and

     exercise ideas.

Rhinos please remember to be kind and helpful to your parents, brothers and sisters.

Look after each other and keep healthy.

 Mrs Escayg 











  Hi Rhino Class and Parents,

  Well done to all of you for having made it to the end of Spring Term!

  I know at times it has been challenging but thank you parents for keeping up the good work.

  Our whole school project over the Easter holidays is called London. We would like the   

   children to find out about London -Its history, The River Thames, or a Famous Landmark

  It is up to them where the journey will take them or how creative they want to be. I have       included a file for ideas and research activities.

   Useful Websites for continued learning:


   White Rose Math -homelearning 

  Maths is Fun



 BBC Teach-  playlist of English videos to teach punctuation and stories.

 Fairy Tales and Stories for Kids - Children can re-tell stories after they have watched them.

 Classical kids Storytime- stories accompanied by classical music.

  CBeebies- Bedtime stories.  

 Spellingshed - online games.

 Horrible history Channel

 For parents - Watch National Theatre Shows at home for free!

Currently showing - 'One Man, Two Guvnors' starring James Corden.

Check their website for details.

 All the Best!

 Mrs Escayg












 Message from Julia Hibbert


Dear choir and anybody else who loves to sing!


I am missing our weekly choir sessions and thought that you might like to keep up with your singing. So here are some of our warm ups and the songs we are learning that are all on YouTube. Remember music makes us feel happy and relaxed so keep singing. Take care all of you. Julia 




  1. To stop the train


  1. Let's start to sing


  1. Do 're me (from sound of music)






How far I'll go


I wish I knew how


There's a power in the music






Hello Rhinos,

How are you all doing? I hope you are all keeping well and being kind to your family members.

I have included some new activities for you to do over the coming weeks.

 Please  remember to read a book for 20 minutes every day and do your individual maths activity on abacus ( you all have your logins). 

Also listen to Newsround on CBBC- You could write a paragraph on your favourite news item for the day.

It is a great opportunity to keep a diary of events and how you are  feeling.

Try to keep up with your daily exercise- Joe Wick at 9.00 am, Stay Active or

5-a-Day (login

Here is a useful link to the Abacus home-learning website:



Topic web

Class letter

Want to know more about the teaching of numeracy?

 These videos are for parents to see some of the things that we do in class.  You will need your child's log in details to view the videos. 

Here's a link to the Oxford Owl website, which is full of FREE e-books for you to read at home.

You'll need to enter our username and password,

Username: Baring4

Password: Rhinos

You can read the books with an orange 'e' on them