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Year 2: Owl Class

Class team 2019/20: Danny Hollis, Teacher;  
Leigh Norton and Terri Lewis Teaching Assistants



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Dr Ranj explains Coronavirus 


Click on the picture to read Baring's version of Oi Frog. 


A little something for you!


Online Learning for children self-isolating

Hello children, I hope you are well and remembering to keep up with your learning at home.  Remember to read for at least 20 minutes every day and practise your times tables as much as you can.  You can write them out, chant them, rap them, ask an adult to quiz you.  You should be planning to know your 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s by the end of Year 2.

It is really important to remember to get outside and do some exercise every day.  It is important for you to keep healthy in your body and mind.

Our topic this half-term is 'The Great Fire of London' and I will be sharing lots of learning about the Great Fire.


Week 17 w/b 13.7.20 or XIII/VII/XX

Welcome back to your last week in Year 2 at Baring.  I hope you have all received your end of year report and are looking forward to having Ms Graham as your teacher in Year 3.  I will miss you all so much and am sad that we have not had a chance to have a proper goodbye.  I will see you all in September and look forward to saying hello.



I would like you to write something for your end of year report.  What have you enjoyed most about being in Year 2?  Was it the trips?  We went to Catford Market, Horniman Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Florence Nightingale Museum.  Was it the visitors, like the theatre group who came to see us?  Was it the learning in English, writing a story about a talking yam, or making a book about dinosaurs?  Did you really enjoy something in Maths, like telling the time, or learning a times table.  Maybe your favourite thing was gymnastics in PE, or finding all the continents of the world in the atlas, in Geography.  You could write about your favourite book you read, on your own in class.


To keep your reading comprehension ticking over, here is something to read and questions to answer on Mary Seacole, who we met in our Florence Nightingale topic.


Week 16 w/b 6.7.20 or VI/VII/XX

Can you believe it you have only 2 more weeks of being an owl? I am feeling a little sad that you will soon be moving to Year 3 and I will no longer be your teacher. However, the most important thing is that you are all safe and well and hopefully doing lots of work to keep your learning levels up. 

Let's look at multiplication and arrays this week.


Tuesday 7.7.20 or VII/VII/XX

Wednesday 8.7.20 or VIII/VII/XX

Thursday 9.7.20 or IX/VII/XX

Friday 10.7.20 or X/VII/XX


Writing Traditional Stories from a Different Point of View.  We are going to think about writing a traditional story that you know from an alternative point of view.  Listen to the story of the Three Little Pigs here:  Could you write the story from the point of view of the wolf?  He is hungry and is desperate for a meal.  How cross do those pesky pigs make him?

If you want to choose a different story, do.  For example, you could write "Cinderella" from the point of view of one of the ugly sisters,

OR Write "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" from the point of view of the troll,

OR Write "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" from the point of view of Goldilocks.  Use your imagination and choose any book you have at home or know well.


There are more stories read aloud here:


Week 15 w/b 29.6.20 or IXXX.VI.XX

Hello everyone....where has the sun gone?  I hope you are all well, looking after each other and being good!

Have a good week.



Try some of these challenges. They are open ended that means they may have more than 1 answer. Some will need you to try a few times before you get the right answer. We call this trial and error. 

Tuesday 30.6.20 or XXX.VI/XX

Wednesday 1.7.20 or I/VII/XX

Thursday 2.7.20 or II/VII/XX


Friday 3.7.20 or III/VII/XX  




Firstly, a reading comprehension.  Marcus Rashford has made the news, as he won his campaign for the government to provide free school meals for children entitled to them throughout the summer holiday.  Read this and answer the questions to learn a bit more about him (there are 3 levels, choose the one appropriate to your child).


Now a creative writing task.  Watch this video and think about the happy accident, which makes the boy and his Granddad realise their invention has been made even better.  Can you describe the story in words, or create a story with your own invention.  Perhaps something will go wrong with your invention too.



There are some lovely activities here for you to try at home with your child or children.


Roots of Empathy - Baby Jesse

Here are some fantastic photos of Jesse that his mum, Carrie, sent to share with you all.  Doesn't he look so grown-up and so happy.  He is having fun playing in the garden and with lego!


Keeping fit and healthy during lockdown

Here is a great document produced by Football League clubs to encourage children to get active.  You can do some or all of the activities included.


Week 13 w/b 22.06.20 or XXII.VI.XX

Good morning, I have had a lovely few days in school, so apologies for being late uploading content for this week.  

It is London Maths Week this week, so check out some of the great activities you can do here:,1POJ,1ADGU,6EKP,1



Right, back to creative writing again this week.



You can use some of the ideas from the site, such as describing the creature that comes out of the well, or writing in role as the girl.  Or you could get creative and make up your own story about discovering a mysterious creature somewhere.  Maybe in the park, or in your wardrobe?  Is it friendly or scary?  Let your imagination run wild.



Tuesday 23.6.20 or XXIII.VI.XX

Wednesday 24.6.20 or XXIV.VI.XX for this you may need these addition sheets. 


place value cards 1

place value cards 2

place value cards 3


Our last video about Hinduism.

This week it is about Rangoli patterns.   




Our topic this half-term is Green Fingers.  I would like you to get creative.  Can you design your dream garden or dream park that would have everything in it that you would like.  Think about things that you can play on, but also about the environment.  Could you build a treehouse or adventure playground amongst the trees?  Would you like to grow some fruit trees, so you can have cherries and apples every year?  Or would you plant some vegetables to feed your family?  Perhaps you would like a lovely patch of flowers, something that smells beautiful, like lavender, or looks beautiful like roses?  Get researching and let your imagination run wild!


Week 12 w/b 15.06.20 or XV.VI.XX


For your English this week we are going back the Literacy Shed to be inspired by one of the films:

Could you write a story about an amazing adventure you want to go on, or could imagine someone else going on.  Would you go to space?  Across the sea?  Underground.  Be inspired, get writing and let me know how you get on.



For maths this week, here is some learning about shape, both 2-d shapes and 3-d shapes.  The videos will help with anything you are not sure about.  If you cannot print off the sheets, then your child could draw the shapes out and make a table, with the picture of the shape, the number of faces, edges and vertices.

The videos can be found here:

Learning activities are here:

Lesson 1

Year 2 - Week 8 - Lesson 1 - Count sides and vertices on 2D shapes from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.



Lesson 2

Year 2 - Week 8 - Lesson 2 - Count faces, edges and verticies on 3D shapes from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.



Lesson 3

Year 2 - Week 8 - Lesson 3 - Sorting 2D and 3D shapes from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.



Lesson 4

Year 2 - Week 8 - Lesson 4 - Patterns with 2D and 3D shapes from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.




This week in Hinduism we are looking at Worship through music and dance.   

Click on this link to hear Jelani Memory reading his book called 'A kids book about racism'   



Our next step in our science is learning about the life cycle of a plant.


Week 11 w/b 08.06.20 or VIII.VI.XX


Can you write some instructions for how to grow a plant.  You can include pictures or diagrams and could include numbering or bullet points.  Think about when we wrote our recipes for Mama Panya's pancakes, what did you include?  There was a list of things you needed, then the step-by-step guide for how to do it.


Here is a reading comprehension about a park-keeper, called Liam.  Click on the image to read about his job and answer the questions here:


Remember our non-fiction books on dinosaurs and our biographies on Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole?

You could use some of the features you learnt about to make your own information book or biography.

Information books - a title, contents page, an introduction, diagrams with labels, captions, facts, fun facts, glossary, blurb, headings and sub headings.

Biography - a title, pictures, photos, introduction, headings, sub-headings, facts in time order so starting with 'early life'.


To start with I have included 2 artists

Van Gogh -     and paintings.

Wassily Kandinsky    and Powerpoint

or how about 

Flags       and  


Pioneering people (pioneering means a person or organisation that is the first to do something).

Elizabeth Fry  


Emmeline Pankhurst and Emily Davison 




Following on from last week, this week, look at the parts of a plant, here.


Maths ...remember ctrl and left click. Have fun. 

Tuesday 9.6.20 or  IX/VI/XX

Wednesday 10.6.20 or X/VI/XX

Thursday 11.6.20 or XI/VI/XX

Friday 12.6.20 or XII/VI/XX

Week 10 w/b 01.06.20 or I.VI.XX

Welcome back from half-term, I hope you have all had a nice break during half-term and were able to enjoy the sunshine.  Hopefully you are being good at home and helping out with tidying up and things like that.  This is a great chance to practise your cooking skills or try new foods that you haven't had before.

Our new topic this half-term is 'Green Fingers.'  If you are lucky enough to have an outside space, then use that, or try growing something on your windowsill and get growing some things: sunflowers are always great fun (, or some vegetables, such as tomato plants are quite easy to do (  Cress can be grown really easily in a small space, such as an egg shell or a yoghurt pot -



Here is a reading comprehension about sunflowers.  There are 3 different ones, which get progressively harder, so choose the one most appropriate for your child.  



Check out this information on what a plant needs to grow and carry out the activities.



Remember these?  look for the banana and flower pot!


Look out for the dancing starfish and the spiders in space helmets.

Now try 3s and 4s.      



Our 3rd clip learning about Hinduism is called Diwali.   Remember fire is dangerous only for adults to handle.


Week 9 w/b 18.5.20 or XVIII.V.XX


Tuesday XIX/V/XX or 19.5.20  You will need this for your learning today.

100-200 missing numbers sheet.

Wednesday XX/V/XX  or 20.5.20

Thursday  XXI/V/XX or 21.5.20



Look at this information on Samuel Pepys, who kept a diary during the Great Fire of London -


As well as completing the activities, keep a diary yourself for a week, or maybe more.  We are living through extraordinary times and it will be an interesting reminder of what you did during lockdown.  You can draw pictures and add anything else you want!



This term we will be finding out about the Hindu religion. Here is an introduction.

Ctrl and left click on the picture. 


Week 8 w/b 11.5.20 or II/V/XX

Welcome back for another week in lockdown.  By the sounds of the government announcement yesterday we will hopefully be back at Baring before the summer, but for now we are keeping on going on here.  Please keep sending me photos of the children's learning - and I will add them to the gallery.




The soundtrack over the next video will be 'Don't worry be happy' or 'Count on me'

We are also putting together a children's Oi Alfred/Oi Frog what could you sit on?

Take a photo or draw a picture of you doing it and send to to Mrs Haine at or me on


Right, I have been exploring the BBC Bitesize website and found some lovely things that link with our learning so far throughout this year.  Check out some of these things:

Introduction to Africa - Nigeria - our first topic of the year was about Africa and here are some lovely things about Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya.  Kenya is the country where one of our books, Mama Panya's Pancakes was set.

Introduction to the UK - you might remember doing this with Mr Greaves, here is some more learning to help remind you and extend your knowledge.

Introduction to Materials - we had started to learn about materials in our Homes topic and this is a good starting point to learning about different materials, what their properties are and what they would be used for.  Check it out.



I have also lifted a nice writing activity from the Bitesize website, about adding description to sentences.  Get creative and send me your pictures of your magical plants and descriptive writing, I'd love to see them:




Sorry this is late this week, some technical issues!  

First of the week: (press Ctrl and left click on mouse or launchpad).

Monday XI/V/XX

Tuesday XII/V/XX

Wednesday XIII/V/XX

Here is a really good video to reinforce learning about our 2 times tables: 


Spellings for this week are attached here:



Design and Technology

Here are some lovely ideas that you can try at home and they do not require lots of screen time or resources and can be entirely child-led.  Have a go and send me any photos of your creations.



Read this poem about the Great Fire of London and listen to the poet reading it below.  Try to learn the poem by heart for an imaginary poetry assembly and perform for your family.  You can try some of the activities at the bottom of the page.  If you could film yourself performing some or all of the poem, that would be amazing.  Here it is:


Week 7 w/b 4.5.20 or IV/V/XX

Welcome to week 7 of lock-down from school. I hope you are all being good at home and getting on with some learning, including reading every day.



This week I would like you to think about the order of events in the Great Fire of London.  You can use this PowerPoint to help you.  Can you create your own storyboard of the Great Fire of London, starting with the outbreak of the fire in the bakery.

You can also listen to this on BBC School Radio.  Listen to the stories and the song and see if you can learn the song.



Here are some excellent interactive maths games to play on the Nrich website, which take a bit of getting used to, but are fun to play:


Maths this week is all about money. So, it’s time to raid the piggy bank and use real coins in your learning….if you can.

Monday - Wednesday click on the link.   


Week 6   w/b 27.4.20  or XXVII/IV/XX

Welcome to week 6 of lock-down from school. I hope you are all well and enjoying the sun, if you can. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on.

We are going to have a Design and Technology focus in this week.  Please find attached a set of activities from STEM that you can try at home.  Please email me any photos that you would like me to see and let me know if I can share them with the rest of the class on this page.



Tomorrow, 29th April, is International Dance Day.  This link gives the children a dance challenge 



Here is a reading comprehension on the Great Fire of London.  It has 3 different versions, which get progressively harder and the answers are after each section.  Choose which one you think would be best for your child.  You could print it out, write the answers down in an book or on paper, or discuss the answers with your child.



Spellings for this week are attached here:



Here is a link to learn about some of the key people involved in the story of the Great Fire of London.  Read about Thomas Farriner and think up some questions that you would like to ask him, for example, about how the fire started, what he did next and how he felt about it.  You could ask someone in your house to ask you the questions and put yourself in the 'hotseat,' to answer the questions as if you are Thomas Farriner (could you dress up like him?  Send me some photos and I can put them on the class page).



This week in maths we are going to focus on ‘clever counting’ using arrays as well as number lines; division is introduced as the inverse of multiplication.

Please click on the date for each days activities. Press Ctrl and left click on mouse/touchpad.

Monday XXVII/IV/XX  27/4/20 today you will also need RS 618 and helpful grid.

Tuesday XXVIII/IV/XX   28/4/20  

Wednesday IXXX/IV/XX  29/4/20

Thursday XXX/IV/XX  30/4/20

Friday I/V/XX   1/5/20



This might be a fun diversion for the children to take part in.  It is a competition to create a garden on a plate.  If you are interested, click the link:,6UOOC,W3A352,RHATW,1 


 Week 3 w/b 20/4/20 or XX/IV/XX

I hope that the children enjoyed a break from learning over the Easter holidays and that they have been helpful and well-behaved.  I am missing them all and I am sure that they are missing school (almost as much as the parents).  Hopefully we can all be back at Baring soon!  Mr Hollis

Our topic for this half-term is the Great Fire of London.  Sadly, we cannot visit the wonderful Museum of London displays on the Great Fire, but you can see some of the things on display there on the slideshow here:

The MoL has also produced this excellent interactive story, which the children should enjoy and will help them to learn what happened:


There is a really good introduction to the Great Fire on this Magic Grandad video (the children should remember the Magic Grandad from our Florence Nightingale learning!)


The children can use these images of London before the Great Fire of London to describe the houses and how the city was built.


Maths : Monday XX.IV.XX

Before Easter we were learning about multiplication. Today we are looking at arrays. 

Key vocabulary.....multiplication; equals; times; product; array; altogether; column; row.

Look at this page to see how arrays are written in number sentences.

Now draw arrays for these number sentences....

4 rows of 6 or 4 x  6 = ?   5 rows of 9 or 5 x 9 =

7 rows of 2, 3 rows of 9, 5 rows of 5, 2 rows of 10 8 rows of 6.

Now go back and switch the numbers to draw the new array and you should get the same number. Example 4 rows of 2 = 8 then draw 2 rows of 4 = 8. 

Did they all have different arrays? What about 5 rows of 5?

Tuesday XXI. IV. XX

Practise telling the analogue and digital time on this link. 

Understand units of time: minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years

Key vocab: minute; hour; day; week; month; year; quarter; half; day; night; o'clock; calendar

Look at the August 2019 calendar month. Print or copy it out if you can. Write all the events from here onto the calendar and then answer these questions.  If help is needed guide your child to understand what each question means and do some of them as examples for them.

Wednesday XXII.IV.XX

To understand how long a minute is? 

What is a minute? : 60 seconds.

Can you count down with a minute timer or use the second hands on the clock?

What can you do in a minute? Use the counter to see :

  • how many times you can write your name/
  • how far can you say your numbers?
  • how far can you write your numbers?
  • how many press-ups can you do in 60 seconds?
  • how many star jumps can you do in a minute?
  • What else can you try to do in a minute....Make an aeroplane or a chatterbox?

Maths for Thursday XXIII/IV/XX  23/4/20 and Friday XXIV/IV/XX 24/4/20

We are answering questions about graphs today and tomorrow.

Click ctrl and left click here to access learning....have fun


Spellings for this week are attached here:


Stephen Lawrence Day

You may be aware that today (Wednesday April 22) is Stephen Lawrence Day – an national awareness day organised by the Stephen Lawrence Trust to celebrate the life and legacy of Stephen Lawrence.

Because of school closures, the Trust have put together some great home activities for parents to do with their children this year, such as bridge building, poetry, and some books for all ages that are available to download and read for free.

If you take part in any of the activities and post on social media please use the hashtags #StephenLawrenceDay #SLDay #BecauseOfStephen #LiveOurBestLife

Please also tag #wearelewisham so it is made visible to us on Lewisham Council channels, and we will retweet/share etc.


Easter Holidays

I hope that you are all well and healthy and enjoying the nice weather during your Easter Holiday.  Remember, keep fit and active and eat as healthily as you can.  Do try to help your parents out around the house too and keep your bedroom tidy.

For the Easter holidays, you have a homework project about London.  The whole school are doing the same.  You can present this however you like, on paper as a poster, with writing, make a small book, create some artwork, a model, something on the computer, or a bit of everything - the only limitation is your imagination.

Here is a website about London, for children:

This is an interactive map of London: 

The Museum of London has lots of information about London, including about the Great Fire of London:

Have fun!


Week 2 w/b 30.3.20 or XXX/III/XX

English - The children can watch this short film, on the Literacy Shed website:

They can then read the suggestions on the page, below the animation.  They can write up the story of the film or create their own story, based on a real dream or an imaginary one.  This can be done using a story-board, creating a cartoon or a traditional story.


Spellings for this week are attached here:


Why not try these books available to read online.

Books trust: 

Sooper Books 

Remember to watch Newsround (see link below) and read every day.

I am adding new links today and work to carry you up until, at least, Wednesday. Don’t forget to practise your 2,3,4,5,10 times tables and ask an adult at home to give you a spelling test on last weeks spellings.  Tables

You are all doing really well.

Maths learning for Monday : try at least 2 of the maths challenges.  Maths Challenges – These are open ended that means there are usually lots of answers to find. The challenges start on page 15. 

Tuesday - Look at the 3 kangaroos - Jack jumps in 10s, Jemma in 5s and young Joey in 2s. Use the sheet to answer these questions

All Subjects - Lots to find here on bitesize  scroll down online and you will find lots of subjects.

Science -Materials

History this week continue to look at homes in the past. Watch the 3 slide shows

links here....      Now look at the objects used in a Victorian home. Write about 4 of them. Can you find out any more about them? 


Any problems, parents/carers, please email me on

Stay safe,

D Hollis


Week 1 w/b 23.3.20 or XXIII/III/XX

This week I would like you to look at Homes through History. Read all the slides on this link and then choose 2 homes to draw and find out/write about. You could also compare your home to a home from history, such as a Tudor house. What is the same and what is different? 

Maths - This week practise doubling numbers to 30 or 50 or further, by partitioning the number, double both numbers and then recombine (put back together). e.g. 

Also halve even numbers in a similar way by partitioning the number, halve each number then recombine. e.g.


English - Have a go at this comprehension about the story - The Bear Who Came to Babysit. Read it on your own if you can or ask an adult to help you. 

Reading Comprehension (answers are on the last page).


Spellings for this week are attached here:



Maths: To understand that a fraction is an equal part of a whole; 1/2s and 1/4s of shapes; Place halves on a number line, and begin to understand mixed numbers and to count in halves beyond 1 to 10

Click on this link for the introduction powerpoint: 

Activity sheet  and  activity sheet 2 - (write how many leaves the caterpillar each day on the number line and label it) and activity sheet 3 - (if you can print off, cut up, shuffle and rematch the fraction with the cake picture).

On this sheet copy out the flags and colour them in different ways and label the fraction in each colour.


Any problems, parents/carers, please email me on


Stay safe,

D Hollis

Want to know more about the teaching of Mathematics?

These videos are for parents to see some of the things that we do in class.  You will need your child's log in details to view the videos. 


Here is a link to Newsround. 


Click on this link to access Abacus. You will need your log in details as well. 


This link will take you to the Sumdog  website.

You have a different log in for this. 


 This link has lots of activities to do at home to keep fit and healthy:


The phonics play website has made their online games free during this time of school closure. The username is march20 and the password is home. Most children are using phase 5 games. You can access this website here: 



Dear choir and anybody else who loves to sing! 

I am missing our weekly choir sessions and thought that you might like to keep up with your singing. So here are some of our warm ups and the songs we are learning that are all on YouTube. Remember music makes us feel happy and relaxed so keep singing. Take care all of you. Julia 



  1. To stop the train 

  1. Let's start to sing 

  1. Do 're me (from sound of music)



How far I'll go 

I wish I knew how 

There's a power in the music



There are lots of museum virtual tours, which the children might enjoy.  These ones from the Natural History Museum in Washington would be great to go over our learning about dinosaurs:


Free Learning Resources 

Here are some free learning websites from Harper Collins Publishers, which they have made free for the duration of the lockdown:

Treasure House English Skills - which includes comprehension, composition, spelling and vocab, grammar and punctuation skills and our reading attic. For years 1 to 6

Big Cat eBooks – 250+ titles available for early years and KS1

Busy Ant maths – available for all year groups

Snap Science – available for all year groups

Music Express – whole school music programme


If you are sending photos of your child and their work to Teachers, please indicate in your email if you would NOT like their photos shown on our website and blog. Thanks


  • Topic web
  • Class letter

Want to know more about the teaching of Mathematics? These videos are for parents to see some of the things that we do in class. You will need your child's log in details to view the videos. 

Here's a link to the Oxford Owl website, which is full of FREE e-books for you to read at home.

You'll need to enter our username and password,

Username: baring2
Password: owls

You can read the books with an orange 'e' on them

Check out this great Camel maths game   (multiplication)
Click here for times tables videos
Click here for lots of maths games.

Fed up wasting time doing Internet searches?
Try using the advanced search within Google, if you type in the exact words you are looking for it will give you fewer pages to scroll through! Try this link, to find it yourself on the google page scroll down to find the 'settings' and then choose advanced search.